Young talent

Mental coaching is a crucial part of the development of youth players. When training players the possible influence of stress, fear of failure, … must be looked at. Players must also obviously be trained to deal with these aspects. At a mental level young players can make enormous progress with the right guidance.

LM Coaching can be used for the mental guidance of young talent
by parents or by the trainer.

First a personality profile is made, before we together decide which line of coaching will benefit the player the most. We always put the focus on the development of the strong sides and reduce problem zones and pitfalls. Certain areas of mental guidance are always used with all young talent. Mental match preparation with routine and practiced visualisation techniques.
We always set certain targets and subtargets to be able to check progress. This will further motivate your young talent and more progress is made!

For more information about the different coaching options for your young talent click here.

  • concentration
  • assertiveness
  • self-confidence
  • coping with disappointment, failure and injuries
  • being able to make the switch quickly
  • controlling emotions
  • coping with pressure
  • coping with fear of failure
  • coping with feedback
  • the importance of a routine before the match
  • relaxation techniques
  • breathing techniques
  • visualisation techniques
  • communication techniques
  • achieving flow

LM Coaching can also be used as a mediator with conflicts.

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